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    RULES FOR BUYING HOUSECOAL- Government legislation means that from 1 May 2023, in England it will be illegal for businesses, including Approved Coal Merchants, to sell house coal for burning at home.If you currently burn coal at home,you should consider switching to smokeless manufactured solid fuel (MSF) now.

    CARBON MONOXIDE SAFETY LEAFLET - For your protection, please read the contents of this leaflet and keep it handy for future reference. Carbon Monoxide fumes have no colour, taste or smell and can be produced by appliances that use gas, wood, oil, coal or smokeless fuel. Carbon Monoxide can also be present in smoke from solid fuel, wood or oil appliances. Carbon Monoxide is potentially fatal,and even low-levels of the poison can cause lasting damage to your health.

    COMPLETE GUIDE TO SOLID FUEL HEATING - The Solid Fuel Association has produced a comprehensive guide to solid fuel heating which includes a range solid fuel appliances. Today’s modern Solid Fuel appliances are easy to use and simple to control. The heat output of most appliances can be quickly pre-set to the desired temperature and left alone.

    CURING CHIMNEY PROBLEMS - This Guide gives more technical information covering how a flue functions, diagnosing problems, difficult site conditions, flue lining and smoke testing. Smoke problems and lack of chimney draught are caused by poor chimney design and construction, insufficient sweeping of the chimney and any internal flueways in the appliance or unfavourable site conditions.

    CUSTOMER’S GUIDE TO CURRENT BUILDING REGULATIONS - A guide to building regulations for both new and replacement heating and hot water systems in domestic dwellings in England and Wales. This leaflet deals with the requirements for new and replacement solid fuel systems in existing or extended dwellings. It provides a basic understanding of what is and is not permitted under the Regulations

    DESIGNING SOLID FUEL INTO YOUR HOME - A comprehensive 35 page technical guide on all aspects of solid fuel covering choice of appliance and their installation, fuels selection, chimneys and their construction, ventilation and fuel storage. This publication is intended for Architects, Builders and Designers who propose to use solid fuel heating for domestic buildings. Guidance covers all aspects of design from initial selection of type of appliance and fuel through to chimney design and suitability. Please Note - This guide is available via post by calling our HELPLINE 01773 835400 (DOWNLOAD OR TELEPHONE ONLY)

    ENERGY EFFICIENCY GUIDE - Simple ways to make your solid fuel heating more efficient. Energy Efficiency is an important issue today. With rising fuel prices due to increasing worldwide demand and diminishing resources, the importance of fuel conservation is essential. Added to which concerns about emissions from burning fossil fuels create much discussion.

    GET THE BEST OUT OF YOUR BOILER - Valuable information about your boiler. As a general rule always choose those fuels recommended by the appliance manufacturer – failure to do so could invalidate the guarantee on a new unit. In smoke controls areas there are Regulations which govern the burning of solid fuels.

    GET THE BEST OUT OF YOUR OPEN FIRE - Valuable advice about open fires.

    GET THE BEST OUT OF YOUR ROOMHEATER - Valuable advice about your roomheater or stove. As a general rule always choose those fuels recommended by the appliance manufacturer – failure to do so could invalidate the guarantee on a new unit. In Smoke Control Areas there are Regulations which govern the burning of solid fuels.

    LINING OLD CHIMNEYS - For any fire to work successfully, it must be connected to a sound chimney and correctly sized flue. For any fire to work successfully, it must be connected to a sound chimney and correctly sized flue. The functions of a chimney are to safely remove the products of combustion from the fireplace or appliance to outside without causing danger to the occupants of the house or setting the house itself on fire.

    LINK UP - Why not link up your solid fuel fire to your existing gas or oil central heating system. This Guide gives full details of how to achieve this flexible heating option. Modern integrated or linked-up systems allow customers to utilise a solid fuel boiler alongside other heating technologies such as gas, oil, heat pumps or solar thus providing maximum flexibility.(DOWNLOAD ONLY)

    GUIDE TO OPEN FIRE INSTALLATION - The installation of a simple inset open fireback is not an easy task and must be undertaken correctly and with care. If this is done it will provide the end user with many years of trouble free use.

    OPENING UP YOUR FIREPLACE - This Guide gives detailed descriptions about how to open up a fireplace including details about hearths, chimneys and flues. Opening up an old fireplace is like striking gold in your very own home. In addition to a glowing, warmer, more welcoming living room, you are creating a much healthier and more invigorating atmosphere, and adding to the character of your investment into the bargain.

    PERIOD FIREPLACES - Help with the installation of period fireplaces. Central heating has become popular due to the demand for a higher standard of heating, but it now appears the comforting glow of a real fire is rapidly gaining popularity and becoming an integral part of the home in addition to any central heating system

    RE-FUELING YOUR WOOD BURNER - Fed up refueling your woodburner? It may be possible to burn both solid fuel and wood on your appliance.It may be possible to burn both solid fuel and wood on your appliance. The installation of a multifuel grate* could make this possible. The frequency of refuelling and the quantity of wood needed to maintain adequate heat output can be underestimated by newcomers to wood burning. (DOWNLOAD ONLY)

    SAFETY GUIDE FOR SOLID FUEL USERS - The guide highlights the 3 golden rules of safety for solid fuel - proper ventilation, regular sweeping and the correct fuel. All the appliances in your home operate more reliably, efficiently and safely if they are installed and serviced correctly. Solid fuel appliances are no exception to this and following these few simple guidelines will ensure safe and efficient operation.

    THE COAL TRADE CODE - Buy your fuel from an Approved Coal Merchant. When buying coal or smokeless fuel, it makes good sense to make sure the person you are buying from has your interests at heart. A Merchant who is a member of the Approved Coal Merchants Scheme is fully trained in his trade and is committed to serving the customer.

    SFA GUIDE TO SMOKELESS MANUFACTURED FUELS - A guide to suitable applications for smokeless manufactured fuels including: Open Fires; Closed appliances (Roomheaters, Multifuel stoves and Cookers); AGA type heat storage cookers & Gravity Feed Boilers.

    SOLID FUEL ASSOCIATION GUIDE TO WOOD AND MULTIFUEL - Coal merchants have always traditionally sold firewood alongside coal. However, renewed interest by consumers in burning wood, mainly in multifuel stoves, is stimulating a growing demand for wood fuel.

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