Everything you need to know
to keep your coal fire burning

Save Your Real Fire

With Winter approaching, many will be preparing open fireplaces, stoves and buying coal to heat our homes over the cold months to come. However, headlines around the Government’s Clean Air Strategy have resulted in public confusion regarding stoves, open fires and which fuel can be burnt. N.B. New legislation from May 2021 is only applicable in England. Consumers in Scotland and Wales are not subject to the new laws surrounding the sale of house coal and wet wood.

The ‘Save Your Real Fire’ campaign has been launched to help consumers up and down the country to keep their homes warm in the first winter since the government introduced a ban on the use of coal and wet wood for certain household burning.

STOP – you don’t need to remove your coal burning fire or multi fuel burning stove

There is no need to remove your beloved open fireplace or stove. Stoves and household open fires are still allowed but only fuels that reduce air pollution, such as anthracite and Ready to Burn smokeless fuel can be used in them. Always check which fuel is suitable for your fire.

START – using smokeless solid fuel

You can use Ready to Burn smokeless solid fuel in open fireplaces and stoves – this is completely compliant within England’s Clean Air Strategy and is not subject to any bans on domestic use.

All you must do to keep your fire burning this winter and beyond is look out for the ‘Ready to Burn’ logo when purchasing your fuel.

RELAX – keep your fire burning

With that, it’s time to settle down, light your fire and relax.

FAQ – how to keep using your real fire

Please find some information below to clear up any confusion:

The Government wants to clean up the air we breathe. To do this, they are phasing out burning of fuels such as House Coal, Wet Wood and some manufactured Ovoids that produce excess sulphur – Instead you can use fuels such as Ready to Burn Approved Smokeless Coal and anthracite.

You do not need to remove your open fireplace or stove to comply with current Government legislation in England.

It is not illegal to use your open fireplace or stove in England unless you usually burn house coal in a Smoke Control Area. We urge those concerned to contact their local Environmental Health Department for more information about Smoke Control Areas. Alternatively, telephone or email the Solid Fuel Association who can advise on fuels and appliances that can be used in Smoke Control Areas. sfa@solidfuel.co.uk 01773 835400

Using solid fuels with the ‘Ready to Burn’ logo ensures the cleanest burn possible, producing minimal levels of particulate matter and NOx on combustion. Smokeless fuels can offer these benefits when used in an open fireplace or stove.

Yes, from May 2023. However, people with open fires can still use it until that date provided they do not live in a Smoke control Area and purchase it from their local Approved Coal Merchant. Anyone with a multi-fuel stove should now change to cleaner alternative fuels – if they haven’t already – such as Ready to Burn manufactured solid fuels which produce less smoke.
Smokeless fuels can also give out a higher heat and can last as much as 40% longer than coal.

House coal and smokeless fuels should not be burnt in a wood-burner without adaptation. Owners of wood-burners should seek further clarity of what fuel they can use by visiting https://solidfuel.co.uk/wood-fuel-stoves-open-fires/

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