benefits of solid fuel

Everyone warms to the cosy glow and flickering flames that only a real fire can offer and, while you’re enjoying the experience, you can consider all the other advantages that solid fuel heating brings.

Low Running Costs

Solid fuel is an efficient and economical method of heating your home 24 hours a day.

The Healthy Option

Solid fuel heating can greatly reduce condensation, eliminating household mould often associated with 'on/off' fires.

Better Ventilation

Homes with solid fuel heating are better ventilated than those with other forms of heating; the very use of a chimney will induce ventilation into a home drawing in fresh air and removing the 'polluted' air.


Wide Range of Fuels

From coal to smokeless and wood, there’s a solid fuel to suit your appliance in all parts of the country.

Convenient & Easy to Use

Modern pre-set controls keep your home at the desired temperature throughout the day.

Guaranteed Heat

With solid fuel heating you can hold stock, ensuring that your home will be warm even in the most adverse weather conditions. Whatever the weather, you don't need to worry about supply failures or power cuts. You can even boil a kettle on a flat-top stove.

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