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 CARBON MONOXIDE SAFETY LEAFLET - For your protection, please read the contents of this leaflet and keep it handy for future reference.
 COMPLETE GUIDE TO SOLID FUEL HEATING - The Solid Fuel Association has produced a comprehensive guide to solid fuel heating which includes a range solid fuel appliances
 CURING CHIMNEY PROBLEMS - This Guide gives more technical information covering how a flue functions, diagnosing problems, difficult site conditions, flue lining and smoke testing.
 CUSTOMER’S GUIDE TO CURRENT BUILDING REGULATIONS - A guide to building regulations for both new and replacement heating and hot water systems in domestic dwellings in England and Wales.
DESIGNING SOLID FUEL INTO YOUR HOME - A comprehensive 35 page technical guide on all aspects of solid fuel covering choice of appliance and their installation, fuels selection, chimneys and their construction, ventilation and fuel storage. Please Note - This guide is available via post by calling our HELPLINE 0845 601 4406 / 01773 835400 (DOWNLOAD OR TELEPHONE ONLY)
 ENERGY EFFICIENCY GUIDE - Simple ways to make your solid fuel heating more efficient.
 GET THE BEST OUT OF YOUR BOILER - Valuable information about your boiler.
 GET THE BEST OUT OF YOUR OPEN FIRE - Valuable advice about open fires.
 GET THE BEST OUT OF YOUR ROOMHEATER - Valuable advice about your roomheater or stove.
 LINING OLD CHIMNEYS - For any fire to work successfully, it must be connected to a sound chimney and correctly sized flue.
LINK UP - Why not link up your solid fuel fire to your existing gas or oil central heating system. This Guide gives full details of how to achieve this flexible heating option. (DOWNLOAD ONLY)
 OPENING UP YOUR FIREPLACE - This Guide gives detailed descriptions about how to open up a fireplace including details about hearths, chimneys and flues.
 PERIOD FIREPLACES - Help with the installation of period fireplaces.
 SAFETY GUIDE FOR SOLID FUEL USERS - The guide highlights the 3 golden rules of safety for solid fuel - proper ventilation, regular sweeping and the correct fuel.
 THE COAL TRADE CODE - Buy your fuel from an Approved Coal Merchant.
 SFA GUIDE TO SOLID MINERAL FUELS - A guide to suitable applications for solid mineral fuels including: Open Fires; Closed appliances (Roomheaters, Multifuel stoves and Cookers); AGA type heat storage cookers & Gravity Feed Boilers.
 SOLID FUEL ASSOCIATION GUIDE TO WOOD AND MULTIFUEL - Coal merchants have always traditionally sold firewood alongside coal. However, renewed interest by consumers in burning wood, mainly in multifuel stoves, is stimulating a growing demand for wood fuel.

The Solid Fuel Association also holds literature on individual appliances,
chimney systems and operating instructions
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